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Keeper league troubles

The_DarkhawkThe_Darkhawk Posts: 264Member, Community Writers

This is more of a vent then anything else...but...

I've been in a keeper league for about 3 years now, inheriting a team that had garbage keepers (we only keep 2) to finishing 3rd overall last year (top 4 teams make playoffs and top 3 get payouts, 10 team league). I've been arguing that the draft order for the following year should be based on the previous years final standings, as its currently random. What does my commish do? Sets the draft order based on the REGULAR season standings not the FINAL standings. So where I went 11-3 in my league, I now draft 10th, where as an owner who went 7-6-1 but made the playoffs, AND WON the entire thing, drafts before me. Maybe I'm on my own in this, but the champ shouldn't be drafting before the rest of the owners in this league.

Next this commish boots three owners, and replaces them with some others, ok no problem. Except the commish drops his own team and takes over a team that owned Brees and Peterson...called him out on his BS and he switched them back. Still shady...

Prior to last season, I pulled off a trade that sent my Doug Martin and got McCoy in return, middle of the year I send TRich straight up for Lacy. So my 2 keepers going into this year would be McCoy and Lacy...solid right? WRONG. Because others don't like their current keepers they want to change the league from keeper to redraft...yeah i'm a little peeved about it, but its whatever. Its the REASON why they want to...

If I'm invited to take over a team, I have the opportunity to take a look a the roster before I drop my 50 bones in the keeper league....if I don't like the team then I don't have to take them over. But these dudes choose to do so, then cried about their crappy keepers....and we don't even HAVE to keep 2, we can keep 0-2 in this league.

After this last fiasco I've seriously thought about bailing on the league, the only reason I haven't yet is because my dad is in this league too, and its the only league he and I play in sentimental reasons....still blows.

Man that venting felt good....



  • andy117andy117 Posts: 86Member

    Sounds like a league with a terrible commissioner.
    Any rule change shouldn't affect this season, they should start in the next season.

  • GronkeyKongCountryGronkeyKongCountry Posts: 22Member
    edited August 2014

    Yea take your pops and get in a new league, with that going on that just opens the door for shady collusion trades drops or dead teams. Bail on that league before it gets worse bad commish usually means bad league

  • flotsamnjetsamflotsamnjetsam Posts: 24Member, Moderator mod

    I agree with andy & Gonkey. Your "commish" (and I use that term loosely) is abusing his power. No way any fantasy league is worth those type of headaches...especially a money league (even though it's not a lot of $$). Join or start a real league. Good luck!

  • ironcityboy88ironcityboy88 Posts: 53Member

    If you ever see a commissioner do the kinds of things the commissioner is doing in this league, you leave. I've been a commissioner for my league since 1993, I have a waiting list of people to get in my league but we've had 10 of the same owners since about 1998. Only one reason that people continue to want to get in the league: I'm an impartial commissioner. I'm a tough and fair commissioner also. I will be the only person who vetos trades in my league (which I have never done yet). As a commish, I have been spit on (seriously), called a thousand bad words, and other things that would make a normal person quit. What I'm getting to is that if you think you can be impartial, and can handle ALL the bull crap that comes with being a commissioner, start your OWN league! Be the best commissioner! If people stay in your league, pay on time, and have "basic" complaints then you are doing your job! Any changes that affect the league will not take place in the current year, but the next year. These changes should also be voted on by the league! Keeps people interested in my opinion.

  • hopspurhopspur Posts: 3Member

    Same situation with a keeper league. Those that drafted poorly and weren't very active on the ww want to start all over. The league also shortened the bench last season because I wouldn't make trades (give away without improving my team). Didn't matter won for the 3rd consecutive year. They can change rules that don't affect the current season everyone is still in the same boat. This year there is a limit for each position so we will see how it goes. As for as drafting the worst 4 teams are in a lottery with the remaining teams in reverse order of the final standings. Hey, you are right, venting does help.

  • PrestigeWorldwidePrestigeWorldwide Posts: 6Member

    Commish doesn't know what he's doing or doesn't care about the league. Leave.

  • doozdooz Posts: 77Member

    I'm the community on this. Terrible commish.

    FWIW, in the baseball keeper league I run, the champ gets last pick, then we use the regular season standings to determine draft order. The regular season, imo, is the real measure of team's strength. Playoffs are a crapshoot. Of course the champ should go last but I see the logic in regular season standings for the rest of the order.

    Just my .02. We all agree that this league is a joke. Figured I'd bring something else to the discussion.

  • mtlenwaymtlenway Posts: 26Member

    Get out of this league and start up your own. The most important thing about having a keeper or dynasty league is to have established rules. Put all the rules in writing an provide every team with a copy of them. Each year you will come across issue that came up in the previous season, put the issues on the table and have a league vote. I have been in the same league for roughly 25 years. It has evolved from a redraft league to a keeper league and has been a Dynasty league for the past 15 years. Last year we expanded it to a 12 league. The make up of the league still consisted of 5 of the original teams from 25 years ago. We put the commissioner position up for vote every 5 years. We have had the same commission for the past 9 years without any problems, but by putting the commisioner position up for vote, it gives the current commissioner a break from having to run the leak and deal with any issues. Additionally, at the end of the same 5 year period all teams are required to drop their rosters to no more than 6 players (1 QB, 2RB, 2WR and a TE, our full rosters are 19 players) this give owners who are new to the league an opporunity revamp a weak roster they may have inherited and to rebalance the strength of the rosters and keep things competitive. These are just some suggestions, you can take the for whatever they are worth to you. Good Luck.

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