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CBBFL has 2 openings as it enters its 15th season. Free league with unique scoring

Looking for a new type of league? Tired of playing leagues with Yahoo style scoring?

Come join our CBBFL. Please read the League Rules and fill out the Registration Form if you are interested.

Our scorining system is fairly unique. It offers head-to-head scheduling where you get
points for winning position categories. There are bonus points available for exceptional
performances. Our leagues feature a roster limited to 22 players (14 starters). Lineups
include offensive and defensive players and scoring categories provide for an even split
of offensive and defensive points.

This is a keeper league. You can keep 6 players each season (a minimum of 2 offensive and
2 defensive players).

The league is entering its 15th season and has a great group of managers.

Sound interesting? Come read through the rules and register for the league if it interests you.
These leagues are for the avid football fans and not the casual fan who watches 1 game a week.

Come join the fun.....

A few notes:
If you have a yahoo e-mail account, be sure to allow all emails from the domain to get a reply to your registration.

If you can't take the time to participate in the draft (by attending for 3-5 hours or sending a HUGE list), then please don't waste your time or mine. Draft is August 24th at 1 PM EST in the league's chat room. It's always a blast !!


CBBFL Leagues - Owner/Commissioner


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