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No.4 pick in keeper draft tonight!

So I kept Lacy with a 6th rd pick, can't decide who to grab at 4th overall.

The top guys are Mccoy, AP, Megatron, Ball, Lynch, Demaryius. I'll grab Megatron if he's available otherwise I'm stuck at what to do. I'm on the edge of grabbing Ball or Lynch. Maybe Brees?? It's 6pt/pass td. Suggestions?


  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    That is tough. McCoy, AP and Calvin should end up 1,2,3 in some order. If one of them falls your pick is easy. After that I worry about Lynch getting a breather at the end of the season. Not an entire game mind you but if SEA is locked into the playoffs they would have to take the gas off of the pedal on their aging workhorse for another run at the championship. Could be a fantasy playoff killer. I like Ball and locking up your two RBs should set you up to go WR/WR with your next two picks. D Thomas is awesome but you will likely prefer the WR options coming back in the next two rounds over RB. There is no better feeling than not sweating out RB in a fantasy draft. I would not take a QB that early. Depending on the format and other keepers, Bell, Bernard and especially Murray should also be in consideration here. Depends on how you rank your RBs in your format.

  • GronkeyKongCountryGronkeyKongCountry Posts: 22Member

    Yea the players being kept would be helpful, I would take ap or mccoy but they probably wont drop so I would go with graham /calvin. Whos being kept has a big impact because it effects who will be available later in the draft. If alot rbs are being kept that means the ones left are gonna be few and might get snatched up quick or same things with WRs . Go with best player available but I wouldnt take a qb that early the 6 pt touchdowns make qbs score more but qbs are relatively deep this year I would wait and get qb a little later

  • gsquaredgsquared Posts: 34Member

    Wound up taking Megatron, he dropped right to me!

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    That's awesome. There are few guys more fun to own. I hope the rest of the draft is falling just as nicely.

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