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Auction Keeper Dilemma

So I am at a crossroads of strategy. Do I lock up two studs at below market values, or get two "not-quite-studs" for nothing and have tons of money to overpay on studs? We can keep 2 players in a 10 team $500 auction draft league with standard scoring. Keepers are $10 more than what they were drafted for or what you kept them for last year. (Drafted Mccoy at 96 = costs 106 to keep this year) Here are my available players to keep:

  • Lesean Mccoy at $106
  • Matt Forte at $103
  • Le'Veon Bell at $14
  • Dez Bryant at $52
  • Julius Thomas at $10
    For reference, Stud RB's are usually kept and those that are available go for around $120+. Stud WR's go from 80-100, with Calvin going for $135 last year.

So my quandary is that, while I absolutely want to have Lesean Mccoy and Dez on my team, I feel like it might make more sense to just keep my cheap players and try to draft them or equivalent players again. It's so hard to get accurate Auction values for keeper leagues, but using some estimates, Here's how much it would cost me in total to get the same four core players in two scenarios:

  1. Keep McCoy and Bryant
    Mccoy 106
    Bryant 52
    Draft Le'Veon Bell for 87
    Draft Julius Thomas for 65
    Total = $310

  2. Keep Julius Thomas and Le'veon Bell
    Bell 14
    Thomas 10
    Draft McCoy for 130
    Draft Bryant for 95
    Total = $249

So am I doing something wrong with this math or should I keep the cheapies bc it would afford me so much more money to overpay for them if I really want them?


  • rjwhiterjwhite Posts: 35Member, Expert Writers
    edited August 2014

    I think you're on the right track. To me, it makes sense to go with Bryant and Bell. I think you'll be able to find a cheaper option at TE that comes close to Thomas' value if he does in fact fall in the $65 range. If the bidding for McCoy gets too crazy, Forte is an excellent RB1 in his own right, especially if you can get him for several dollars less.

    Here's what I would be looking to do:

    QB Cutler/Rivers/Romo (40-50)

    RB McCoy/Forte (120-130)

    RB L.Bell (14)

    WR Bryant (52)

    WR Top 10 WR (80-100)

    WR Top 10 WR (80-90)

    TE Ertz/Gates/Green (1-5)

    I think you can fill both those other WR slots with elite options in the 80-100 range, spend 50 or so on a good QB and use the rest on solid RB depth. If you have a flex, I can also get behind buying two stud RBs and going cheaper with your third WR.

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    Wow, great problem to have. Yes keep Bell and Orange Julius. Easy choice. If they were 5th-7th round talent in a redraft league at a bargain price that is one thing but they are studs themselves. Bell is a 2nd round pick and JT is an mid 3rd if not significantly earlier. With that start you could still buy McCoy, Forte and Dez (or equivalent studs) and still have over $150 left in the tank. Your team is going to be insane. GREAT START! Thomas and Bell are no brainers here. Just make sure you spend big on the studs early when the auction starts. Don't chicken out and hope you get a deal on a stud later a few names later. It won't happen. Pick your favorite three and get them.

  • rjwhiterjwhite Posts: 35Member, Expert Writers
    edited August 2014

    That auction price for top talent is very cheap, by the way. Those studs translate to about 20-25 bucks in a $100 cap league, where they would probably go for close to twice that price. I'd definitely look to load up on three elite guys in that top-10 range as part of my strategy. Coming out with something like McCoy (130), Forte (120), Marshall (100) and Bryant (52) is well worth it (assuming Bell at 14 is a flex), even if you have to find cheap value at your other starting slots.

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