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Strategy for Auction Draft

Made up my mind and I'm keeping Montee ball and Percy Harvin for a combined $36 dollars in a $300 auction draft.

Players I know being kept already.

Jordy Nelson
Eddy Lacy
Wes Welker
Rob Gronkowski
Jordan Cameron
Alshon Jeffrey
Julio Jones
Zac Stacy
Le'Veon Bell
Demariyus Thomas
Andre Ellington

Those are the only keepers I know of that other managers are keeping, with the names I've listed. How should I approach my upcoming auction draft? Should I go for 2 stud WR right off the back? Should I go for maybe a RB1 to pair with Ball, or 2 WR1 with Percy Harvin.


  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    I just finished writing this and I am sorry it is obnoxiously long. I think it is well worth the read though.

    Every auction is different so it is hard to give pre draft advice. You have to go with the flow, but having a loose plan is very wise. My first bit of advice for an auction draft is never nominate a player you want the first few times you get to toss out a name. Everyone has cash burning a whole in their pocket so they will go at full price or more. Also you don't want to be the guy that bids everyone one up. Everyone else relies on that guy to move the draft along and he doesn't really get a chance to think through and adjust his plan. He just keeps bidding until the price is reasonable. Second, once you get a position squared away, ALWAYS nominate that position every time you are up. If you get a Manning don't throw out Stafford as he will always go for a lot regardless, throw out the sleepers that everyone likes like Romo, Cutler etc. You want to get others to burn cash in a position you already have. Those hoping to save money nominating their sleeper late will panic and bid way more than they wanted to. That means less money for other positions of need later. Third, pay for the studs. Think of them in terms of snake ADP when each name is thrown out. By the third time around nominating most of the top three rounds draft picks are gone. This is the worst time to bid. The bargains haven't begun and owners are forced to overpay for 4th-6th talent because there are "only a few good RBs or WRs left". True they go for 50% or less than the elites but who cares. The elites are the elites. You know what you are getting. Maybe two or three of those 4th-6th players makes the true leap to elite this year but the odds are poor that you hit on more than one of them. Would you trade Jamal Charles for two mid 20s ranked WRs? No, so don't worry about the obnoxious price tag that comes with the studs. There is a reason for it. You should feel comfortable spending 2/3s of your budget on two or three true studs. Top 6 picks. Then sit back and let everyone else go until teams come back below you in cap space. Example, in your $300 leauge, I wouldn't hesitate to spend $200-$230 or three super studs. Just make sure they are first round or early 2nd round picks in a redraft that you love this year. Factor in your keepers and you will drop all the way to $55-$75 left in the tank. It will be a crappy feeling but you are golden trust me. All the dumb asses in the room will make jokes about how you just "wasted" all that money but they don't know what they are talking about. Then wait and wait and wait some more. It's horribly boring but you want to win the league right? There are ton of guys you can get cheap late and here is the best part. If you load up on them you are going to have an amazing cheap start next season with more chances at drafting this years Lacy, Bell, Ball types. Michael, Hyde, Hill, Freeman, White from NE, even McKinnon for MIN there are a ton of these guys you can get for a buck or two. They aren't likely to help you a ton this year but man will they pay off later. The beauty of rookie RBs is that they offer keeper value and are one injury away from being an awesome draft pick. That isn't the case for WRs. Their value will go up with injury but not explode like a running back can. By spending big early on three studs you will now have 5 (including your 2 keepers) of your 7 weekly starters and they will all be freakin' awesome. You will never consider sitting them so why carry mid level depth with your bench spots? Go for HRs. If they don't pan out you can easily drop one for those undrafted free agents that come out of nowhere every year. Lastly, in an auction league QB and TE are pretty easy to push off. Spend the big bucks on one of the big 4 RBs and two of the top 15 or so WRs. You can mix in Graham instead of one of the WRs but I like a lot of TEs that go cheap if they are thrown out late enough which they typically are. Push off QB. Also, you should be the guy smart enough to draft Gordon. He likely won't play this year, but he will be right there with D. Thomas, Dez and AJ next year at the end of the 1st round. And you will have him for a few bucks if you save a few dollars and throw him out at the end. This strategy will set you up for a couple years in a row before some of the other guys figure out how you keep winning every year. If you do follow this plan, just make sure you don't get sucked into drafting a $20 guy because he should have gone for $30 or more. Those deals are inevitable. Wait them out, even though it will kill you and get the guys that go in the single digits. Those are the true bargains. You have to sit back for a very long time and wait for the single digit guys. If you have the most money at the end (which you will if you can control yourelf), you hold all the power bidding on the $1-$4 players. That is when you clean house filling out your roster. Lyons feel free to send me a private message and we can talk about some of those cheap guys I see popping up in mock auctions.

  • rjwhiterjwhite Posts: 35Member, Expert Writers

    You have to be flexible in auction drafts so you can take advantage of value when it comes. If you decide before the draft that you are going to avoid a true WR1 in favor of an elite RB1, then what happens when a Tier 1 WR is sitting there at $5 less than his projected value? Some other owner gets to scoop him up. And why did he or she get that great value? Because you (and likely other owners) were sticking to a pre-determined strategy. It's much more beneficial to be the flexible owner than the one set on one particular strategy.

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    I consider myself very flexible, I just am trying to weigh my options that I could pair with WR. There still are 4 teams that have to pick their keepers so I guess it all depends which position gets killed more. It's a PPR league so obviously WRs are worth more if thee running backs are not normally a receiving back.

    Part of me wants to splurge on a AJ Green and Marshall. Spend at least $65 for both, then sit back and wait until the later rounds for a RB.

    Then I would have my WR locked up amd then all I would need would be a RB,QB FLEX and a TE

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    I don't know if this makes sense but I never like to have a full bench after the draft because you could just pick up free agents. We have 6 bench spots. I usually fill up 2 or 3 because I want to spend all my money on my starters. Just hope to get lucky with the late value picks in the $1-$5 range. Thoughts?

  • rjwhiterjwhite Posts: 35Member, Expert Writers

    I would do the same thing under those rules. I'd probably come out of the auction with 4-5 RBs, 4-5 WRs, 1 QB, 1 TE and no kicker or defense.

  • GronkeyKongCountryGronkeyKongCountry Posts: 22Member

    Keep the bills defense and goskowski and draft 3 qbs with most of your money

  • GronkeyKongCountryGronkeyKongCountry Posts: 22Member

    For everyone else not named lyons my best strategy is simple and been stated, be flexible go on with guys you like not guys you MUST get ive seen people bid 90$ because there set on drew brees. That will in all likelihood cost u alot of good players

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