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Represent Fantasy Football Cafe on Fantasy Pros!

We are looking for two of the best Cafeholics to represent Fantasy Football Cafe this year in the NFL Accuracy Competition on Fantasy Pros.

The Accuracy Competition consists of two parts:

1) Draft Accuracy: Rank all players. These rankings lock week 1 for the entire season. At end of season, your rankings are analyzed to see how the players performed.

2) In season: Adjusted every week and performance is ranked on a weekly basis.

This is only for the truly dedicated and those that have a proven track record on the Cafe sites. If interested, DM DailyFantasyCafe and send through any pertinent information that will help us determine if you are a good fit to represent Cafe.

3rd Round: Who Would You Pick?

Keenan Allen vs. Victor Cruz vs. Rob Gronkowski vs. Andre Ellington --

The key to winning fantasy football is obviously when and where you take players - eyeing who is dropping in ADP, and who is being overdrafted/overvalued. Who would you take in the 3rd round if all 4 of these names are available? We based this on rankings from: Top 200 Fantasy Football Rankings


  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,012Member ✭✭

    I love Gronk, just not in the 3rd. Since I'm a PPR guy I would take Ellington.

  • Pgunz3Pgunz3 Posts: 10Member

    I would also take Ellington, Special now that they plan to use him more.

  • m16am16a Posts: 37Member, Moderator mod

    It really depends on how your draft has shaken out from there. I like Ellington the best of those guys, but if you've already gone for two RBs in rounds 1 and 2, Cruz isn't a bad pick there. In NYG, they've talked about making Eli a more accurate passer and that may translate to Cruz getting the ball in space on screens and such, which is good for his skillset. He's a borderline WR1 in my book. I need to see another season from Allen before I'm willing to spend high picks on him. Gronk is too much of an injury issue for me to be comfortable to take him in the 3rd. Depending on how you've drafted so far, I definitely think it's Ellington or Cruz in the third.

  • gbell217gbell217 Posts: 123Member

    It is Ellington unless I was already 2 deep at RB and then I go Cruz. You may regret passing on Gronk if he plays 16 but too much risk for me

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